God vs. Bush

From Ernie’s miniblog:

…and God said to thee, I will send a hurricane to those who voted Republican in 2000

How Well Do You Estimate?

An interesting quiz on how well you estimate. It has a slight UK-lean, but interesting none the less.

I got 73 out of a possible 310 points, for a grand total of, 24%. I suck. What’d you get?

Chilling Out

So it’s a chill night. But didn’t start out that way.

I was feeling a little rushed earlier knowing I had to make two cakes for a friend’s birthday celebration tomorrow (a 9/11 birthday… omen?). I was at work late waiting for a job to finish, finally got home to write up a list of essentials that I would need for the cakes and for Hurricane Ivan preparation and was made aware of the FSU/Miami football game just minutes from kickoff. Crap. I couldn’t put off the shopping. Got back from the store with 10:00 left in the 2nd quarter, not bad. Helluva game, btw. Glad I stuck with it.

But now, I think watching the game gave me the rest I needed to get over the rush feeling. I just got back from a second trip to the store (the first store didn’t have any eggs in stock which I need for one of the cakes) and I just put James Taylor in the DVD player (Live at the Beacon Theater) and am currently waiting for the cream cheese to soften up a bit more before I beat it up.

A good feeling.

Frances woes

Lost power last night around 5:30pm. Spent a little while standing outside the front door watching the storm pass through. The winds were relatively strong, sending some branches falling from two big pines right outside my door. Luckily, the trees are west of my building, with the winds blowing west to northwest. So I could stand outside under the walkway that’s above my door and not get wet.

I found out real quick how bored I get when I don’t have electricity. My iPod had been in the dock charger all day until the power went out so I had a full battery there. Listened to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire audio book for a while. Switched over to local news broadcast via radio for a little bit. Ate a can of ready-to-eat soup. Finally went and climbed in bed around 11pm. After tossing and turning for about two hours (I remember looking at the clock at 12:55am), I must have fallen asleep. But it seems at least ten times I was awoken by winds and rain slamming the window above my bed.

Finally at 6:45am the power went back on. I got up immediately and turned the computer on. Then I realize that my cable is out, hence no cable modem. Oy! Had to reinstall the modem in my computer and I’m working off dialup at the moment. It’s not *too* terrible. 🙂

Praise be to Gainesville Regional Utilities workers that got my power back on. I was fully surprised that it went on so early until I heard from a friend whose power went back on at 3am-ish. These guys have been working all night.

But for now, things seem to be calming down just a touch. Looks like we’ll be getting another band of rain soon so hopefully the power will stay on this time.

How good is your gaydar?

I got 60% the first time and 65% the second time.

Halfway through the second time, I realized that this test isn’t out to purposefully deceive you. The first time and a half through I was picking the non-obvious choice because I was using reverse-reverse-psychology on myself. Explain *that* one.

Going back to take it again.

*edit* – 60% 3rd time, 80% 4th time. Also, it’s not the same pictures every time.

Unscheduled hiatus

Eh, no real excuse or anything. I’ve just been caught up with other stuff like Doom 3, Big Brother and the like. BB5 is getting to the point where I start watching the feeds and chatting a little less so hopefully I’ll have time for more important things like rearranging my living room and doing some decorating in there. More to come on that later.

Bubba The Love Sponge to run for Pinellas County Sherrif

The ex-radio host plans to give the office “back to the people.” An opponent suspects ulterior motives.

Less than five months after Bubba the Love Sponge Clem was fired by Clear Channel Communications, the defrocked shock jock was back in front of reporters announcing his latest surprise.

He wants to be the next sheriff of Pinellas County.

[Read entire article at]


penguinsI saw this on the BB5BBQ forums recently and it cracked me up. And even now when I went to find it to post here, I’m still giggling.

Would you be able to go?

Via BoingBoing, here’s a link to a picture of a public toilet (a port-a-potty, of sorts) made entirely out of one-way glass. People can’t see in (it’s mirrored), but you can see out from the inside. CREEPY!

My spending spree

RX-331-croppedIt all started with a simple visit down to the Lexus dealership in Orlando for service on my IS300. Eight hours later, I’m driving home in a new RX330.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this all didn’t happen on one day. I have actually been thinking about doing this for quite some time. In fact, I’ve been emailing the dealership back and forth for about two weeks or so, but got absolutely nowhere. The monthly payments they were quoting me in the emails were outrageous ($650/month). There was no way.

So me and my friend K went down last Saturday to drop the IS300 off for the service and I wanted to take her on a test drive in the RX so she could see why I was so giddy about this car. I drove around for a bit then switched out with her so she could drive. Our “product specialist” said it best – these cars sell themselves. He could have sat in the back and said nothing and we would have been impressed all the same. I love the way the RX rides and the way I sit up higher than I ever have before. That’s the biggest selling point for me.

So we went into the showroom and sat down at a table and he brought in the closer. We went back and forth with numbers for about an hour or so and finally I got them down to the number I had in mind before going there. I shook on the deal and went in to sign the papers. While I’m in there, K comes in and whispers in my ear, “I’m getting one too!” I about fell out of my chair. She had worked a deal figuring in a trade-in on her Acura TL without it even being there. So we ended up driving TWO RX330’s out of the parking lot that day.

Needless to say, we are not allowed to car shop together anymore. 🙂 But, I’m quite convinced at this point that the RX is something I plan to keep for a long while. It’s the perfect combination of good looks and functionality. (and it has rain sensing windshield wipers! too frickin’ cool!)