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avatar-yahooIn a followup to one of Ernie’s mini-blog posts, here’s my Yahoo! avatar. This is a pretty neat feature they’ve got going on that allows you to create a likeness of yourself that you can associate with different activities such as your Yahoo! IM chats, etc. It’s a little limited at the moment – it’s still in beta – I’ll probably modify mine to more closely represent myself once more options are in place. I don’t particularly care for the color of the hair, though it’s probably the closest to my dark brown with highlights and the fact that I like to stick it up with product. I also probably wouldn’t ever wear a sweatshirt jacket, but I liked the t-shirt underneath. And, the only times I wear long pants is when it’s either colder than 40 degrees (F) outside or I’m going to church or a wedding. The two shorts selections were no good so that khakis were the next best thing.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure the Yahoo! avatars site doesn’t work with Firefox. When I clicked on different selections, the avatar wouldn’t update, so I went to I.E. and it worked fine.

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