It’s been a while since I’ve done an It List, so let’s get it on!

1. Samsung HL-P5063W. This has dominated my thoughts from the day I ordered it (July 26th) to the day it arrived (September 23rd). I’ve been following threads constantly on dealing with general issues and the ‘powerbuy’ deal that TVAuthority set up for members of AVSForum. That site could be its own entry in this list, really.

2. Bush VS74377-03 DLP stand. After much deliberation, I decided on this stand to hold the new TV. I’m quite pleased with it; it holds all my components quite nicely, though the cabling is a little too visible for my tastes, but wtfever.

3. Sports Night. I took a break from watching these episodes, but now have the 4th disc from Netflix and am working through it.

4. The League of Gentlemen. This is a british television series that is very twisted. It reminds me of Kids In The Hall sometimes. A professor at work highly recommended this and loaned me the DVD. I’ve only watched the first two episodes, but it’s quite hilarious.

5. Christmas music. Is it too early? Since getting a new 40GB iPod, I decided to rebuild my iTunes library and re-encoded all my non-holiday CDs into iTunes and am starting to work on the holiday CDs. I can’t help but let it play while it encodes. Good times.

6. The Sims 2. Wow, this is a great looking game. I totally need to play more of this. I created a family (Sean and Ben Cody) and spent a few hours already getting them used to each other and got them jobs. Now I need to work on the finances – I’m determined to go as long as I can without using the money cheat (motherlode).

7. Red vs. Blue. This is an absolutely hilarious web-based miniseries using the Halo rendering engine with voiceovers. I found this from a /. post regarding a new series these guys are working on called Strangerhood, but this time, they’re using the Sims 2 as the rendering engine. I can’t wait.

Other things that aren’t worth their own entry here, but maybe I’ll make another post about one or two of them later. This is basically just a reminder for me. Doom 3, Linksys WRT54GS, Linksys WGA54G, HD network channels, Sonic’s breakfast burrito, In-And-Out Burger.