1. Fable – I’ve had this for a couple weeks now without touching it and finally got around to starting it up this past week… I started typing this entry and it got way too long, so I’ll make a separate post for it.
2. Arrested Development – After this show won Emmy upon Emmy, I decided to rent the first season on DVD and see what all the hype is about. I’m so glad I did. Not only is it funny, it’s smart funny. There’s a ton of one liners that you don’t catch until like 2-3 seconds later, and I love that. The second season started this past Sunday and picked up right where the first sason left off.
3. CBS HD on Cox – this was supposed to happen this past Wednesday, but it looks like it was pushed back to December 1st. There’s no indication on the Cox site as to why this is. I was told many times by multiple Cox employees that the rollout date was 11/10/04. Now it’s time for ABC and Fox! Where the heck are they? It looks like I might have to wait for next season to get the Bucs in HD.
4. Cox high speed internet is planning to up the bandwidth for its users on December 1st. My measly 1.5Mbps/128kbps will jump to 4Mbps/512kbps! Nice! This should be a tremendous help for when I’m remoting into my home machine from work. Plus it’ll speed up my downloads, muahaha.
5. iSkin – I waited and waited for this thing and when it was finally released, I remembered there not being any particular colors that wow’ed me. Then I went back recently and saw the Lava colored one (read: orange). And it’s glow-in-the-dark! I was a little hesitant because the last time I bought a supposed orange iSkin, it was much more pinkish in person. I got plenty of shit about that. This time, though, it’s just as it appears on the screen.
6. The Sand Trap.com – a new golf blog that I’ve been working on with some colleagues. It’s a ton of fun and helps me stay up on the golfing world.