Gated Parking waiting list no. 135

More as something I can look back on than anything else, I checked with the parking office today and I’m #135 on the list to get a decal for the gated parking garage. I could have sworn I had been on the list close to 10 years, but the lady swears I signed up for the list in 2003. Still, that’s 5 years on the list and I believe #135 is the highest I’ve been on the list over the years of calling in and asking about my status. I’m tired of getting bumped up on the list and never seeming to make my way closer to getting a decal.

Video: Kevin Smith Interviews Bruce Willis About Die Hard 4

Video: Kevin Smith Interviews Bruce Willis About Die Hard 4

More of a reminder post for myself to watch this than anything. I love Kevin Smith and the idea of him turning to interview Bruce Willis is intriguing.


This is quite a fascinating report on the whole transposed text thingie that went around last month.

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