New theme and widgets!

So I went to add the FriendFeed widget to teh blog today and it turns out my old theme doesn’t support widgets. Lame. So I picked a new one. So now it’s a different look and my FriendFeed is over there. I’m not completely satisfied with the theme at the moment – the blog title font is ugly as sin and the FF icons look terrible on this dark background – so we’ll see if the motivation comes around to fixing those.


Is there anyone out there? Ah, who cares. ecto 2.0 for Windows was just released so maybe I’ll do some of this at home. I’ve gotten so spoiled with ecto on my Mac at work that I rebelled against blogging at home. I’m not going to promise myself or anything, but just a note to myself that I’m still thinking about this site.

*edit* to say that sadly enough, the book list on the right still hasn’t changed. I really would like to read the DaVinci Code before I see the movie. We’ll see if that happens.


One little post on Joystiq, and bam.

Total number of hits:   9428
Average per day:        19.64
Today:                  3733
In the last hour:       101
This week:              3798

More than a third of my total hits ever… on one day.

What I find most amusing about this whole experience is the little schmucks who post comments with personal attacks. Do these little wankers really feel that bad about themselves? I could really give a rats ass. The comments get deleted as soon as I see them because I can.

Site Update

Just made some changes to the site. I was getting tired of the old TypePad template. I don’t quite remember where I found the marquee generator so I could give credit, I think it was from LYD‘s miniblog. It’s getting late, maybe I’ll look for it tomorrow. I also added the picture on the right. This was from a recent trip to Atlanta for a friend’s dad’s Hawaii-themed wedding, hence the really cheap lei. For now, I’d love comments on the look.

“Rance” unmasker not so sure anymore

In an update to his post on how he thought Rance was Keith Thomson, he sheds some new light on other possibilities, even naming a real celebrity as a “shot in the dark” possibility.

“Rance” unmasked as cartoonist/filmmaker/screenwriter Keith Thomson?

From the Museum of Hoaxes via BoingBoing

Who is Rance?
The latest buzz in the blogosphere is about the weblog of ‘Rance,’ an anonymous blogger who claims to be a well-known, A-list, Hollywood celebrity. Or as he coyly puts it on his weblog, “I can tell you what it’s like to see your picture on the magazine rack every now and again when you pay for groceries.” For a couple of months he’s been dishing up dirt on life in Hollywood, and he’s succeeded in attracting a huge following. He even got interviewed (anonymously) by Reuters last week. But of course, he won’t reveal who he is… which just makes everyone crazy to find out the secret. Is Rance really a celebrity, or is he just an average schmuck pretending to be a celebrity?

Read The Whole Article

Ecto in the house

So I’m trying out this new blog posting app called Ecto. I’ve seen it get quite a few decent plugs recently. We’ll see how it goes. This is the first post with it, if you haven’t guessed.

I’d love to hear if anyone uses anything different. I’m on TypePad, so my requirements are a bit more stringent than if I were just using MT on my own host, I think. Also, Windows and Mac OS X app suggestions are welcome.

About Me page finally updated

After a few months of adding tidbits to my About Me draft, I figured I’d throw it up there in its current form. I’m always adding to it, though I seem to have trouble remembering the things I think about during the day when I’m away from my computer. Maybe I’ll learn to jot these down somehow. Maybe this will give you a clue as to who I am.



Five great reasons to buy a Hummerâ„¢

1. You’ve been wanting to buy much wider groceries (but have been
stymied by the timid width of your Escalade)
2. You and your make-believe wife were thinking of having 11 or 12 imaginary kids
3. You’re sick of always being the environment’s goddamned bitch
4. You could totally put a keg back there and just drive around and shit
5. They were all out of penises