Rush fails at Rock Band

A month of WoW

Wow, I look back at two posts ago and am boasting about how Magmadar was giving us troubles and we finally took him down. How quickly things evolve when you’re not paying attention.

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Magmadar aint so tough

Magmadar is deadOn MTD’s gazillionth attempt, we finally took down Magmadar, Molten Core’s second boss. In the past, we seemingly always had trouble keeping the main tank (Sommsy) alive. We even had three dwarf priests once and it didn’t seem to help. We tried many different things over the past couple of weeks, including tanking with a Doomguard!

I think what sealed the deal for us this time was using a tiered healing strategy for the main tank. Group 1 healers had an 80% threshold, Group 2 was at 60%, Group 3 was at 45%, or a setup similar to that. I didn’t hear our exact numbers. Over the course of the fight, we lost maybe 8 people, but were resurrected pretty quickly by an out-of-combat paladin. We had two hunters with the tranquilizing shot who communicated quite well over teamspeak as to their success in hitting each time Mag went frenzy. We also had a script running that would yell out 5-second warnings for the fear so those that were able could run away first.

In the end, as he fell, one of the first thoughts that ran through my head were, “That was *so* easy.” Here’s to hoping Magmadar is now MTD fodder next time so we can move on to the other bosses.

WoW-Azuregos falls

WoW logoAfter trying to get a UBRS group together last night and failing, I jumped into a pickup raid group that mostly consisted of MTD, FaTE and Avenging Legion for the open area raid boss Azuregos. This wasn’t my first attempt at this boss. A week or so ago I had joined a raid and made my way over there, but it was a mishmash of a raid and I don’t think ever eclipsed 20 members. This time, however, the raid was pretty well organized and even timed so that one warlock and two helpers were camped by Azuregos and when everyone was ready, all other raid members were summoned to him. This was done to try and avoid a horde zerg once they realized that the alliance were forming for this.

For the most part, that strategy worked, but we still had tons of horde very quickly. After a couple of attempts, we finally took him down. During the middle of the fight, we had heard that Ret was over in Orgrimmar, but they swept over to Azshara and stood on the back lines keeping the horde off of us. Many props to Ret for doing this. I think the one drop I was concerned with was the Leggings of Arcane Supremacy, and threw up an 86 on the dice, but someone nailed it with a 94. Ah well. Next time.

WoW Updates

WoW logoSo it’s been a while. How’ve you been? This will just be a quick update to myself to make a feeble attempt to track my own progress in World of Warcraft. I have two main characters now – Pahonix, a level 60 gnome mage and Fonix, a level 60 night elf rogue. Fonix was created in an effort to help Hotmomma and Ladygodiva level up their own characters, both priests.

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GMs have all the fun.

(Have we figured out yet that I can’t get into WoW due to continued server maintenance?)


Buc FlagSo for those that haven’t noticed, there’s been nothing here for almost two weeks (the Bucs post is date-modified). I got World of Warcraft for my birthday, but was unable to do anything with it since I left town for the Thanksgiving holiday. I really didn’t think much of it at the time. Then I got to see it in action on Tom’s laptop that weekend and I couldn’t get home fast enough to install it myself.

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FableAs I mentioned earlier, I got Fable for the XBox a couple of weeks ago and for one reason or another, it sat unplayed. It ate at me long enough so I finally got it going earlier this week. I knew a little bit about the play of the game and before I even started, I was determined to go through as an archer/mage. What follows here is an overview of my experience as I’ve now gotten through about 30-40% of the game – up to and including the White Balvarine quest.

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Today is Halo 2 Day

Halo2More for posterity than anything else, Halo 2 is officially released today. I’ll be one of the few that hold off for a little while so I can play some of my other games (Sims 2, Doom 3, Fable) and catch up on some TV watching (Deep Space Nine, Charmed). Well, "catch up" is probably used a little loosely here since I’m starting with Season 1 for both series.

Besides, is it a little too much to ask that the price come down if I wait? Probably.

In related news, if you haven’t seen Red Vs. Blue yet, you’re really missing out. They’re doing three episode releases in two days to celebrate the Halo 2 release, so head over and check them out.

XBox Over Wireless

Anybody ever hooked a modded XBox up using the Linksys WGA54G wireless gaming adapter? I have the Linksys WRT54GS router. With the WGA54G sitting here on my desk plugged into an A/C outlet, but not connected to the XBox, I don’t see it as a client on the DHCP client table. I’ve gone through the setup for the gaming adapter telling it the correct SSID and wireless channel. WEP is not on to keep it simple for now. I’m assuming since it’s just a dumbed down bridge, that it wouldn’t necessarily pick up a lease unless the XBox told it to. So, the fact that it’s not in the client table isn’t meaningful.

I wonder if the problem is the software on my XBox? Is it possible that the dashboard needs to be updated to take advantage of the wireless? I have Avalaunch 0.48.60. I guess it’s time for me to learn how to do this stuff and try to install a later dashboard. I can always go to the backup if I screw things up … which I’m most likely to do.

*Update* Tim pointed me to the update mechanism in Avalaunch (what a great feature) so I’m up to date there at 0.49.1. After some reboots of the PC, the cable modem, the router and the gaming adapter, it all of a sudden started working. The XBox was talking to the router and I was able to FTP from the PC to the XBox to transfer files. Of course, 1,300Kb/sec is what I get with the Wireless-G equipment. This is a tough pill to swallow knowing I can get 10,000Kb/sec over wire. I’m seriously considering taking the Wireless-G stuff back to Best Buy for a refund and stringing a long ethernet cable from the bedroom to the living room. Who cares what it looks like. It screams.