Take Luck

This is awesome. A brilliant bit from comic Brian Regan done on Dr. Katz, who knows how long ago.

Gated Parking waiting list no. 135

More as something I can look back on than anything else, I checked with the parking office today and I’m #135 on the list to get a decal for the gated parking garage. I could have sworn I had been on the list close to 10 years, but the lady swears I signed up for the list in 2003. Still, that’s 5 years on the list and I believe #135 is the highest I’ve been on the list over the years of calling in and asking about my status. I’m tired of getting bumped up on the list and never seeming to make my way closer to getting a decal.

Fun optical illusion

Fun optical illusion: This is just too cool to pass up. Kinda makes you wonder a bit just how our eyes work. I mean like… really. How do they work?

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How many five-year-olds could you take on at once?

Best… thread… ever…

hundreds of ’em! no problem. i’d let the biggest, toughest 5 year old i’ve ever met boot me in the junk as hard as he likes- it’s not gonna incapacitate me, but one backhand slap and that kid’s a crying wreck.


Happy Bunny

I have no idea where it got its results from the few questions it asked, but since I find Happy Bunny high-larious, and the fact that this one is probably my favorite, I’ll have to give it some slack. Though that place needs a spell/grammar checker badly.

congratulations. you are the “you smell like
butt” bunny. your brutally honest and
always say whats on your mind.

which happy bunny are you?
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This is probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. An image… or is it?

Try searching for your own image.

The It List

1. Fable – I’ve had this for a couple weeks now without touching it and finally got around to starting it up this past week… I started typing this entry and it got way too long, so I’ll make a separate post for it.
2. Arrested Development – After this show won Emmy upon Emmy, I decided to rent the first season on DVD and see what all the hype is about. I’m so glad I did. Not only is it funny, it’s smart funny. There’s a ton of one liners that you don’t catch until like 2-3 seconds later, and I love that. The second season started this past Sunday and picked up right where the first sason left off.
3. CBS HD on Cox – this was supposed to happen this past Wednesday, but it looks like it was pushed back to December 1st. There’s no indication on the Cox site as to why this is. I was told many times by multiple Cox employees that the rollout date was 11/10/04. Now it’s time for ABC and Fox! Where the heck are they? It looks like I might have to wait for next season to get the Bucs in HD.
4. Cox high speed internet is planning to up the bandwidth for its users on December 1st. My measly 1.5Mbps/128kbps will jump to 4Mbps/512kbps! Nice! This should be a tremendous help for when I’m remoting into my home machine from work. Plus it’ll speed up my downloads, muahaha.
5. iSkin – I waited and waited for this thing and when it was finally released, I remembered there not being any particular colors that wow’ed me. Then I went back recently and saw the Lava colored one (read: orange). And it’s glow-in-the-dark! I was a little hesitant because the last time I bought a supposed orange iSkin, it was much more pinkish in person. I got plenty of shit about that. This time, though, it’s just as it appears on the screen.
6. The Sand – a new golf blog that I’ve been working on with some colleagues. It’s a ton of fun and helps me stay up on the golfing world.

Strong Bad Emails On DVD

Link: 3 Disk Boxed DVD Set – The First 100 Strong Bad Emails..

I so want this.

Buyers Beware

Written by a friend, John, here’s a REALLY interesting story about his recent purchase of Grant Theft Auto: San Andreas. Pictures to come soon.

So, I bought a game at Best Buy here in Gainesville, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, that I reserved some months ago for $5. I got one from the shelf (which had the hard clear plastic “don’t even try to steal this game” case) and took it up to Customer Service. Jantzen, the guy who was helping me there, took the one in the hard plastic case over to the counter and got a different game out of the stock that they were holding for all of the people who reserved the game (apparently, they don’t put new releases of games out on the floor). I also went and picked up a cd for my wife, Jana (maybe not essential information, but I wanted to include everything I could). I had my daughter, Tori who is 7, with me and we met Jana for dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. While waiting for Jana to arrive, I wanted to check out the manual for the game, so I opened the package. Granted, I did not look for any tampering with this package – mainly because, well, who the hell does that? I bought it from a reputable store and the game was given to me by the guy in customer service.

When I opened the package, it contained an AOL 9.0 cd where the game disc would be and in place of the manual, there were Gainesville Regional Transit System bus schedules.

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The It List

It’s been a while since I’ve done an It List, so let’s get it on!

1. Samsung HL-P5063W. This has dominated my thoughts from the day I ordered it (July 26th) to the day it arrived (September 23rd). I’ve been following threads constantly on dealing with general issues and the ‘powerbuy’ deal that TVAuthority set up for members of AVSForum. That site could be its own entry in this list, really.

2. Bush VS74377-03 DLP stand. After much deliberation, I decided on this stand to hold the new TV. I’m quite pleased with it; it holds all my components quite nicely, though the cabling is a little too visible for my tastes, but wtfever.

3. Sports Night. I took a break from watching these episodes, but now have the 4th disc from Netflix and am working through it.

4. The League of Gentlemen. This is a british television series that is very twisted. It reminds me of Kids In The Hall sometimes. A professor at work highly recommended this and loaned me the DVD. I’ve only watched the first two episodes, but it’s quite hilarious.

5. Christmas music. Is it too early? Since getting a new 40GB iPod, I decided to rebuild my iTunes library and re-encoded all my non-holiday CDs into iTunes and am starting to work on the holiday CDs. I can’t help but let it play while it encodes. Good times.

6. The Sims 2. Wow, this is a great looking game. I totally need to play more of this. I created a family (Sean and Ben Cody) and spent a few hours already getting them used to each other and got them jobs. Now I need to work on the finances – I’m determined to go as long as I can without using the money cheat (motherlode).

7. Red vs. Blue. This is an absolutely hilarious web-based miniseries using the Halo rendering engine with voiceovers. I found this from a /. post regarding a new series these guys are working on called Strangerhood, but this time, they’re using the Sims 2 as the rendering engine. I can’t wait.

Other things that aren’t worth their own entry here, but maybe I’ll make another post about one or two of them later. This is basically just a reminder for me. Doom 3, Linksys WRT54GS, Linksys WGA54G, HD network channels, Sonic’s breakfast burrito, In-And-Out Burger.