American Idol, top 6

The rhythm is gonna get American Idol this week as the contestant take on Gloria Estefan’s upbeat numbers. Who will make the Miami Sound Machine proud? And who will buckle in the face of increasing pressure?

1. Fantasia Barrino – Get On Your Feet. An immediate realization is that Fantasia cannot sing in this style. Her voice needs longer notes and this song doesn’t let her show that. She does have good energy on stage, but since this is a vocal competition, I’m not rating this one very high. And, yes yes, we get it. Jennifer got the shaft. Quit harping on it. Fantasia’s worst performance. 5/10.

2. George Huff – Live For Loving You. Starting out very monotonous. Is it that this song just needs a female voice and George’s is just TOO deep to even pull this off when singing the right notes? That just sounded horrible. I can’t tell if this was worse or better than Fantasia. 5/10.

3. LaToya London – Rhythm Is Gonna Get You. At least comparatively, this is sounding much better than the first two. I like the way she’s moving around the stage throwing in some dance moves, but not overdoing it. It’s much easier to hear her sing than the previous two. The dance number towards the end was quite nice, too, even sensual. Good stuff all around. 8/10.

4. John Stevens – Music Of My Heart. Yowtch. One of these days, he’ll hit a note correctly. Wow, this is downright terrible. For chrissakes. This performance wouldn’t have even gotten him through the first audition. PLEASE make it stop. Oh word, thank goodness it’s over. 1/10.

5. Jasmine Trias – Here We Are. I like Jasmine’s new look. It’s a little edge-ier (edgier doesn’t look right). Vocally, I like this performance, even if it is a bit safe. There’s no wow-factor. In fact, listening closer, it seems she’s a bit flat across the board. A little bit of cringing settling in here. Ehh, nothing special here. 6/10.

6. Diana DeGarmo – Turn The Beat Around. First off, I love Diana’s dress. Next, I think this is Diana’s best performance of the competition.l Heavy on the energy, as the song dictates. She is in total control, working it with the band and vocally is quite strong. Most importantly, it looks as she’s having the time of her life up there. It definitely worked. 9/10.

Let’s hope this is John Stevens’ week to go. I don’t know if I can stand another week of him. JS, Fantasia and George all deserve to be in the bottom three this week.

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