Vote 2004

Thanks to early voting policies here in Florida, I was able to cast my vote for POTUS and other miscellaneous positions and amendments this past Sunday. I’m incredibly glad I got it done – I really didn’t want to deal with the massive lines that will be at the polls on Nov. 2nd. There’s a number of state constitutional amendments on the ballot this time around and I didn’t have a chance to read them over before I voted. I really should have. In fact, as I stood there reading them, I wondered how many people really don’t get the wording in some of these things.

Take this one, for instance. Repeal of High Speed Rail Amendment, Article X, Section 19:

This amendment repeals an amendment in the Florida Constitution that requires the Legislature, the Cabinet and the Governor to proceed with the development and operation of a high speed ground transportation system by the state and/or by a private entity.

If you read this one over real quick, and want the State to continue with development of the high speed rail, you’d vote YES, right? Wrong. It’s an amendment to REPEAL an amendment. Oy vey!


  1. But of course you WANT to vote YES! on that amendment! I know we can find better ways to spend that money than on high speed rail! For example FIX I4 in a timely manner! Go GWB!

  2. So I happened to drive I4 today from Orlando to Tampa and can’t believe the mess it is in, so I agree with you on that one. However, it’s only bad until you get to Lakeland or so and then it’s great. As soon as that construction is finished, the whole corridor will be much better. That is, after they finish the I4/I275 junction, too.

    And it’s not that I think the money for this project couldn’t be spent on better things, I happen to think the whole high speed rail idea is forward thinking and I support that.

  3. I agree that it is forward thinking and would improve our mass transit system in the metro Orlando and Tampa area. The traffic between our Orlando and Tampa is a nightmare.

    I think it comes down to priorities. I would support high speed rail after Florida has taken care of some vital needs in our school system and current road way situation.

    My wife is a teacher so I am a little biased.

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