Buyers Beware

Written by a friend, John, here’s a REALLY interesting story about his recent purchase of Grant Theft Auto: San Andreas. Pictures to come soon.

So, I bought a game at Best Buy here in Gainesville, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, that I reserved some months ago for $5. I got one from the shelf (which had the hard clear plastic “don’t even try to steal this game” case) and took it up to Customer Service. Jantzen, the guy who was helping me there, took the one in the hard plastic case over to the counter and got a different game out of the stock that they were holding for all of the people who reserved the game (apparently, they don’t put new releases of games out on the floor). I also went and picked up a cd for my wife, Jana (maybe not essential information, but I wanted to include everything I could). I had my daughter, Tori who is 7, with me and we met Jana for dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. While waiting for Jana to arrive, I wanted to check out the manual for the game, so I opened the package. Granted, I did not look for any tampering with this package – mainly because, well, who the hell does that? I bought it from a reputable store and the game was given to me by the guy in customer service.

When I opened the package, it contained an AOL 9.0 cd where the game disc would be and in place of the manual, there were Gainesville Regional Transit System bus schedules.

Now, at this point, I was surprised. I was curious if Rockstar Games was playing a trick on everyone that bought the game, but then I realized that they wouldn’t have included the RTS schedule in place of the manual. So, I did what anyone would do, I called Best Buy. I talked to Britany in customer service who said, “well, that’s weird – just bring it back to the store and we’ll replace your game”. Now, I’m a cautious person, so I made sure that’s what she said and had her repeat that she would replace the game. I also asked her if I needed to come back right away (since I had only been out of the store approximately ten minutes), and she said “No, just come back when you can – we’re open until 9:00”. Okay. Plans all set. I ate a very nice dinner and showed the package to Jana who was just as surprised as I was. I even showed it to the waitress as she was there when I opened the package and she was just as shocked as me. Jana took Tori home and I returned to Best Buy.

When I got there, I talked to the General Manager of the store, Darren Ramsey. I explained the situation to him, then he went to talk to Jantzen. Jantzen (I assume he said this – I wasn’t within earshot) probably told him that he got the package from the holding stock. He came back and told me that there was no way that his holding stock could be infiltrated with a game in this fashion – that this stock came directly from the factory. He then said that he would need the packaging to verify whether it came from the factory or was re-packaged there in the store. I had to drive back over to the Roadhouse at this point and got plastic bag (including all the other trash) that had the packaging in it. I took it back over to Best Buy at which point Darren told me there’s no way that that packaging could have been reproduced in the store – that it *was* the original factory packaging – and thus, I was out of luck. Since he couldn’t know what happened from the moment I left the store until I returned, he “couldn’t do anything” for me. I agreed that it did look like I could trying to be pulling a fast one, but I also pointed out “why?” Why would I, a customer of the store since it opened and a Best Buy credit card holder of at least five years, want to do this? I explained that I was 35 years old, have a great job, a wonderful wife and a beautiful daughter so why would I want to potentially set myself up for this kind of humiliation?

I was so distressed at this point that I decided that I needed to talk to someone, so I called the local police and agreed to meet them outside the store. The Deputy Sheriff was great – he listened to me very intently and verified that it seemed pretty obvious that someone was trying to pull a fast one. He also informed me that this was a civil matter and there wasn’t anything he could do for me. Another Deputy showed up and he was equally surprised that this happened when I explained it to him. I even found out that one of them lives in my neighborhood out in Newberry. I was defeated. I was drained. I was astounded that this was happening to me. I asked the Deputies to come inside with me so that I could apologize to Darren for my seemingly irrational behavior and they agreed.

When I went back in to talk to Darren, escorted by the Deputies, I spoke first and apologized if I seemed unruly, but if he’d just see it from my position, that if I were *actually* telling the truth, he might understand that I was perfectly within my rights to be upset about the situation. I also explained that I could see it from his perspective – that someone was possibly trying to take Best Buy for a ride and that he didn’t want to let that happen. But, I wanted to stress the point that I’ve been a most loyal customer over the years and that I couldn’t believe that he wouldn’t take my word for the whole situation. I told him that I was still going to buy the game from somewhere and that up until this point in time I had already invested a lot in Best Buy, so I might as well go ahead and buy another one from him (I know, I know – at this point you’re probably all saying to yourselves, “are you kidding?!?”, but I had calmed down by this time and really wanted this game). He said that he appreciated me seeing his point of view. The Deputy (from my neighborhood) said “I just wanted to say that all John wanted to do was come and apologize, he didn’t say that he was going to buy another game or anything, he just wanted you to know that he didn’t mean to get as upset as he was”. Darren and I thanked them and they left.

At this point, Darren said that he would do the best that he could and give me a “deep discount” on the second game that I was purchasing. He gave me a $40 discount, so I ended up only spending $10.00 this time. He also mentioned that he was glad that I was willing to meet him halfway on this. I was happy that I wasn’t spending the whole $50 on this, but I am still kinda steamed that I had to pay *anything at all* for the second copy.

After ruminating about this last night until the wee hours because I couldn’t believe it still, I tried to think up all possible scenarios and what I came up with was this: It must have been an employee at that particular Best Buy that had access to the holding stock. Since the papers inside were local bus route papers, there’s no way that this particular packaged game could have come directly from Rockstar. Since the packaging looked like the original packaging, I’m guessing that they used an exacto knife or something like that to open one end of the plastic shrink-wrap and left the other end intact. I also noticed (and pointed out to Darren after the Deputies left) that there were only two of the security stickers – one on top and one on the side (on the second game that I bought, there were three security stickers – top, side and bottom). If they were able to get into the package by just removing the bottom sticker through the bottom of the case, they may have been able to take out the disc and manual and replace them, but I’m guessing that they very carefully took at least the bottom and the side stickers off and only replaced the side sticker after they put in the AOL cd and bus routes. Then they replaced the factory shrink-wrap and glued the end back up so it would look factory fresh, and put the package back in with the others in the holding stock.

Needless to say, *if* I ever go back to Best Buy for anything ever again, I will be the most discriminating customer after the sale. You can count on the fact that I will open all packages in the presence of an employee or a manager to verify the existence of whatever is in the box. I have lost faith in their store management/customer service regarding their (in)ability to give the benefit of the doubt to a customer who *verifiably* has spent at least $5000.00 with their company over the last few years (movies, games, appliances, tvs and most recently a big-screen tv). I am also distressed that Mr. Ramsey could not even fathom the possiblity that one of his employees got the better of him (and me). I’m hoping that whomever did this did it to more than one game. That way, when irate customer number two goes to visit Darren, he’ll immediately know that I was indeed telling the truth.


  1. All of the Best Buy stores have the ability to re-shrink wrap products.

  2. From what I understand, the manager said there is a difference between the shrinkwrapping on the game as it comes from the manufacturer and what is produced by the store’s own shrinkwrapping machine. The game John bought had the original plastic on it.

  3. I cannot belive you:

    A. Called the cops for something like THAT!
    B. Told that piece of crap manager you were sorry.
    C. Bought another copy of the game!!!

    Fact of the matter is once that game arrived in his store it was his responsability, not Rockstar’s. If he had a problem with it’s condition he could have contacted his distributor. I would have taken it to his DM if he refused to do his duty for his customers and ultamatly to the head of the company. And after I got what I purchased PROPERLY from that company I would never buy a single thing from them again, as well as spreading bad word of mouth about that company to everone I knew.

    This is what I did to those rip off artist at ‘The Good Guys.’ Long story short, they tried to shaft me with the cost of a bookshelf system right after I had bought it. I got it replaced and after the DM said he hoped it would not impact my shopping there I told them I would never give their store or any of it’s affiliates another dime. I know the dozens of friends I have steered away from that store has cost them thousands of dollars.

    You let that bastard walk all over you.

  4. Well best thing I can tell you is. All anyone has to do is use a razor cut the bottom of the shrink wrap. Bend the case enough to get the manual and the CD out. Then Remelt the same exact plastic close. To the naked eye it appears that the game still has the factory packaging. But it has been in fact tampered with.

    Shoot I use to work at Gamestop… saw that crap trying to be pulled every time.

  5. The most amazing part of this story…

    …is that you are married.

  6. They used to (I haven’t botten a PS2 game in a year) only put the plastic sticker across the top of the case. If you could indiscriminately get the shrink wrap off you could easily pop the came out without breaking that seal. I’ve never heard of anyone doing this and returning it to the store, but I did have a scumbag roommate that would sell used games on eBay as new since the seal was still intact.

  7. Well, I want you to know, I’ve been there and done that.
    Not exactly the same but return policies everywhere blow. I had an issue at staples tonight about returning a laptop. I had no reciete but I paid with Visa. I brought my visa, drivers liscence, staples membership card, department of national defence ID, and they still gave me shit. I told them I wasn’t leaving without a return, no matter how long it took them, I didn’t mind. But I wasn’t putting a 1800 laptop on my visa that was slow and shitty.
    Anyways, better luck next time. Though, if you’re more agressive, you WILL always win. Even if you did take the game, you would ultimatly win if you demanded it.

  8. I work at Best Buy and can’t imagine any store would put you through so much crap on such a low-ticket item. Best Buy’s corporate return policy is 14-30 days with a receipt = instant money back or exchange. Therefore I have a difficult time believing they’d give you that much crap over it.

  9. I worked at a store like Best Buy before and can say from what I’ve seen (and done) that opening a package and then resealing it without any noticable differences is quite easy. I’m just surprised the person that did this took the time to put someting else into the box. If it were me I would either hide the package or just remove the security tag and take the whole thing.

  10. I had a similar situation happen to me a while back but it was at a Target Store. I bought Unreal Tournament 2004 and was all excited. Once i got home with my game, to my suprise i opened the box and guess what was inside? a piece of wood. I was like.. wtf. i took the game back and the customer service was surprised as much as i was. They told me to get another copy of the game but when i went to get another one, they were out. To my surpise, they game me my money back. These stores managers have to understant that their employees do steal.

  11. LOL

  12. I’ve had mucho dealings with this same Best Buy in G-ville as the author, and can honestly say that this story isn’t as unbeliveable as one would think. How to deal with such unprofessionable Mgrs: Target said Mgr using L1, and bash repeatedly with 3 ft. double-headed sex toy found in the shower area of the downtown ploice station. Works like a charm. BTW, I live right next to you in HS and would enjoy knocking out some of these co-op missions with you if you can find the time.

  13. I can’t believe you were so accomodating. You were ripped off. I always get my money back. If the store manager can’t help me, I contact the regional manager.

  14. Holy Jesus Christ. Grow some fucking balls! Why would you go back to apologize? Make a fucking stink about it, be intimidating. You aren’t going to get anywhere being a pussy. You got screwed, right in the ass by them; and you still are thinking of going back there? Wow.

  15. The costomer is ALLWAYS right. I dont believe that you shelled out more money, fool. I don’t know how it works in the states but here in the uk the game cd and manal from new games are usualy kept seperot and empty casses left on the shop floor, thes means that you can see exactly what you buy

  16. How It Was Done

    October 30, 2004 at 7:34 pm

    this was an very easy bait and switch theft that can be done if careful and expierianced. Basically, the only person that could’ve done it were the stockboys or someone behind the counter where they got it from. What is done is that one would take the dvd or game (CDs shrinkwrap is smaller and harder to put back together) somewhere discreet (stock or bathroom, etc), slowly pick at the top seal and unwrapping it carefully. Now the the whole wrap hasn’t even been crumpled or torn yet because it’s easy to do after several tries. The case is then slid out of the wrap and opened carefully from the bottom so that the top sticker isn’t tampered. Pop the game out, as well as the instructions in this case, and replace it with a cd and a small booklet so that the weight of the game isn’t different. Slide the wrap back over and fold the top flaps back, then apply a very light amount of heat as to seal it just enough so that so doesn’t melt more. That’s the trickiest part, which is why it’s usually the bottom flaps of the wrap that are opened. When you get it, you wouldn’t notice the bottom of the case too much and in turn, you tore right into it without noticing it. It’s very difficult for someone to make it appear the same as the top, but close enough will fool anyone who doesn’t take a closer look. The whole goal of the theft is for you to take the copy without knowing it was opened and for you to open it so that any evidence of the casing being tampered is destroyed. Your then in the mercy of the manager and 9 out of 10 times, depending on who you are and who your dealing with, you’ll be forced out of the place with nothing. That’s the only reason why the trick works so well. In a way, if someone younger then you were to get that copy, he would’ve been screwed.

  17. Buy a PC wait for GTA:SA to come out for PC and this will never happen again.

  18. I have a PC but can’t wait for it. (REL.. DATE 6-23-05) I would have stole a new copy then burned the store to a crisp.

  19. I had something like this happen, but even worse, I went to K-Mart to buy an X-Box for my son Tyler for Christmas, I bought it got home and wrapped it up. On Christmas morning my son unwrapped to box only to see pieces of foam and nothing else, my son thought it was a practical joke. I took it back and the manager said there was no way that he would except the (Empty) X-box back. I was pissed off but went to Meijer and bought a new one for him.

  20. Yes, that is some fooked oop shizzle. My recomendation: have ur deputy pals do a fingure print test of the *new* wrapping, and publiclly humiliate every singlke best buy employee (by doing the clinton-monica style pull down ye old pants, except that the CD case is monica). Well, my cousins friend works for R* North, and i got my GTA free on the 25th. ive been *sick* from school ever since (and I’m still reppin San Fran, so as tupac says, fuck the SFPD, fuck the Marin County Sherrifs department, i dont give a fuck, and as i like to say, fuck tha mutha fuckin bullshit fuckin bureaucrats of the US of A, ESPECIALLY tha mutha fuckin DMV, which is worse poo poo cacka than that mutH@FUUGGIN best buy 🙂 evewry one.

  21. Yea yea boy, what he said. Fuck the DMV. I hate those mutha fuckin quizzles.

  22. lol thanks. i was in Glen Park (the real one, in SF, nutsuckas) and at silver tree, they installed fucking MOTION DETECTORS. now HOWS a good ol russian teenager supposed to enjoy a shookrees fresh 40 with mutha fuckin 5 0 in every direction? HOW? answer me that, and i’ll give you a free strategy guide, as well as several earthly pleasures (like the pink dildo in the cops shower… dont drop the soap, silly billy)

  23. I wouldnt be so sure to assume that this didnt happen during the distribution process.

    REMEMBER GTA was on the internet at least a week or two before release.

    You could of just been one of the lucky ones that a factory worker ripped off… PRE packaging.

  24. Hey, I got mine at Wal-mart. You know the shrinkwrapping on mine was totally new. It was a thicker actual heat shrink wrap and not the regular thin celophane stuff that is folded neatl at both ends. It was all weird and very unprofessionnaly heatwrapped, BUT this guys had his local BUS ROUTES so it could not have been ROCKSTAR

  25. I’ve actually taken a Playstation 2 game back the day after I bought it and exchanged it for the PC version of the same game.

    One time I had a DVD arrive thru courier delivery and when I opened the case I was absolutely shocked to find that both of the DVD’s were missing. We rang the store and they sent them out in a nice double jewel case.

    Another time I order a PC game over the internet, and when it arrived there were actually two copies of the game in the shrinkwrap (which appeared to be done by the shop).

    Recently I purchased a DVD set and got an extra booklet which was taken back to the retailer. Alas no reward was given (and if I had of known that I wouldn’t have taken it back).

    Oh, and finally, I ordered a game once and it took a long time to get here. I wrote to the shop and they gave me the game for free as I was a regular customer.

    As you can see I have covered every scenario so the only thing I can think of is that either you are living in the wrong country, or the store you bought from sucks, or the guy that refused a return was the guy that swapped out the disc!

  26. Several years ago, I purchased a psone game called loaded (boy, that dates me) at a Best Buy store. They pretty much had the same policy regarding keeping the games in the stock room. I purchased my copy and for some reason, I decided to open the packaging right then and there. To my surprise, no game disc inside! It turns out, back in the day, some genius figured to keep theft down, they would physically remove the game from its packaging and store it somewhere out back! And to think they wanted to sell this game as new after being man handled and stuff. I’m pretty sure they stopped doing that soon after. For this and other reasons I stopped shopping there. Remember kids, all your best buys are at Fry’s!!!!!!!

  27. OOOO T.R.I.P (theives run in packs!) I figure that as one guy said, ” the guy that sold you the game” was probably the one that did the swapping. As I see it, back in the stock room they have a gang of cameras and stuff like that, Best Buy aint DUMB! so I am sure that either this guy was a sneaky ass theevin’ ass mofo. or he just swapped the game as he walked back to the stock room on his way back to the counter. Well all you have to do is look for some SCRUB riding the bus in the morning that has a best buy shirt on or something. Probably some scrub, go up to him and be like “FOO WHO YOU TRYING TO TRICK FOO!!” and then commence to beat dat ass! Well you got a kid and all so going to jail over a 50 dollar game and a little teenager with a broken jawbone wont look good. Better yet DONT give the congressmen any ammunition that “Video games cause violent behavior!!!” eheh. Well dooks I am sorry that you got ripped like that, just look what you could have brought with that 10 bucks that you shelled out:

    1. 3 Micky dee number one combos
    2. a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon
    3. a girly mag, maybe two if you get the “2/9.99” special
    4. a can of pepper spray to spray the scrub in the face that JACKED YOU!!

  28. You payed 10$ extra , shame one you. I would sue their asses. You have a reciept and everything, why would you go and apoligize to them, they should apoligize to you and give you a new game and 10$ for the inconvenience. Fight till the end, do not loose the battle, but you gave up. This stopy encourage me to work at Best Buy and steal games.

  29. Dmitri, the dollar sign goes in front of the number.

  30. I had something similar happen to me once. I bought this game at Future Shop, which is now owned by Best Buy, and when I got home and opened it there was no disc inside. I went back to the store and got my money back and simply bought another game. I didn’t have much of a choice since it was the last game on the shelf and so I just chose another one. The difference is the packaging was all taped up on that one like it had been opened or something, but I took it anyways because it was the last one and I couldn’t find it elsewhere I guess, don’t remember quite well. Anyway, I returned it, packaging and all, and they didn’t say much, just gave me the option of replacing it or taking my money back. I haven’t had any problems since then although I don’t shop at Future Shop a whole lot.

  31. The same thing happened to me at Staples, I had purchased quake 2 in a multipack or something and when I got it home and removed the shrink wrap all the stickers which appeared to be on the outside of the wrap fell off. That’s when I realized that I was going to have to head back across the city. So I gathered up my empty cd case all the plastic and stickers still stuck to the original plastic wrap and went to get my money back. I presented all the items and explained that someone had stolen the cd and re-wrapped the box placing all the stickers in their respective places, the customer service rep went to talk to the manager when she returned she gave a full refund.

  32. He may of paid $10 extra, but Best Buy probably will lose a couple thousand dollars from the negative press. Thats gotta give you a special warm fuzzy feeling.

  33. Man, you’ve convinced me to open any electronic purchases in the store itself underneath the watchful eye of a manager or a video camera.

    That sucks.

  34. Simple solution = ALWAYS open and inspect your purchase BEFORE leaving the store. In fact, retailers should be taking it upon themselves to implement policies whereby they open the packaging to show the customer, thus eliminating this problem. I’m sure it will become commmon-place if this type of crime becomes more popular.

    Here in Japan, this is done in many stores.

    On a side note, I must say that the education standard in the US must quite low as the spelling of most posters is shameful. I am not even a native English speaker and I am quite shocked/dismayed to see such poor language skills. “fo shnizzle” and other such slang is so very low class and representative of the level of today’s US society. Shape up folks!

  35. John, your an ugly kid.

    Who calls the cops for somethin like that. Funny story though.

  36. Hiro,

    You forget that stupid kids are just as “commmon-place” in Japan; it’s not your place to judge. Shut the fuck up.

  37. Gotta be Andy Griffith! Only a guy like that would go into the store with a deputy to say SORRY. You should have said “I’m a sorry dude for coming back in here, especially with the cops.” and bought the game anyway. pssst:I betchu have a white picket fence and 2.2 kids also…

  38. Andrew,

    That is exactly the type of response I would expect to come from an American of lower class and educational background. I bet you make your country proud ^_^. Of course, there are “stupid” kids all around the world but the US really seems to be pretty high on the list in my opinion. Sure, I can judge if I like. I have been to the US many times and seen first hand the stupidity. I foresee that the US will not be able to sustain it’s global dominance for that much longer.

    Anyhow, my main point was that you all really need to work on learning your own language a little more. How embarassing it must be. Now, please trying responding in Japanese you wizard. ^_^

  39. #1- Never trust any Best Buy manager by the name of “Darren” They are all crooks. I’ve dealt with 3-4.

    #2- Hiro- Shut the fuck up.

  40. WAIT Hiro where you posting this again? wha? huh? on an English website?? take that disrespect stuff to
    a website over in your neck of the woods. And dont worry fellas usually people that start off calling out and dissing usually:

    1. have very small penises
    2. still play with Pikachu dolls
    3. and jerk off to Sakura from Street Fighter Alpha.

    so in the long run Hiro we see through your antics and again, lets not worry about the English language this is not a fucking scholastic championship website. NERD!!

  41. Justin and Jason, Shut the fuck up. You’re assholes.

  42. wow, just wow. I’ve worked in customer service for a long time, and never really been proud or comfortable with the kind of service i get from best buy. They’re as bad as most companies get, but what do you expect? they hire under-educated, inexperienced, low-wage workers to put up with shit from assholes like the general public all day, it’s a very tough job, and they’re not motivated enough to change any of that, so of course they’re going to steal.

    1. Sakura’s hot
    2. Hiro is welcome to his opinion, in some ways i agree with him, my browser spell checks on the fly…..
    3. every country has it’s yokel’s, the U.S.’s percentage is just higher, then we elect one for president…….

  43. This is a common practice at Best Buy, among other malpractices that they allow.

    Please check out You’ll be amazed how underhanded this company is…

  44. Believe it or not, this happened to me at Best Buy when I purchased a PS2 game last year. I got home and almost crapped my pants when the game I was expecting had been replaced by a CD-R. I took the game back to best buy and believe it or not they let me exchange it.

  45. I bought a used copy of GTA III at EB Games a couple weeks ago… got home, put it on the shelf. A week later I opened it up, and saw a PS2 copy of the game. Crap… I had lost the receipt, but I figured I’d try to get it replaced. Walked in, showed the XBox case and PS2 disk to the person behind the counter, and she swapped them without even batting an eye. Didn’t ask for a receipt or anything. I was damn impressed.

  46. Oh man, Sakura. Um, I’m going to need a few minutes alone here.

  47. A long time ago, I purchased a hard drive from Best Buy, only to open it up and find a smaller hard drive of a different brand in the packaging. They exchanged it for the one I wanted without problem.

    More recently I purchased a Canon ZR-40 from Best Buy. I did not notice the complete lack of shrink wrap or seals until I left the store. They would do nothing about it. I have not purchased from Best Buy since.

  48. “The costomer is ALLWAYS right. I dont believe that you shelled out more money, fool. I don’t know how it works in the states but here in the uk the game cd and manal from new games are usualy kept seperot and empty casses left on the shop floor, thes means that you can see exactly what you buy”

    No , the customer is not ALWAYS right either is your spelling. I have worked in retail for 10 years and customers do lie to get what they want most of the time. I would have given this customer a new game no questions
    asked however if it would have been a $2,000 laptop he would be dealing with the vendor.

  49. i dont blame you man, although i woulda been extremely pissed i wouldve bought another copy of the game too..especially for only 10 bucks.. as for the person that replaced the game with an aol disk.. i think i would make it my personal responsibility to find out who this person was and beat the 50 bucks out of them..

  50. I doubt the Gainesville bus schedule as red herring theory is likely – In store theft would be a lot more likely than theft at the vendor or distribution center.

    Though why the perp replaced the manual with anything at all, especially a local bus schedule, is beyond me.

    One theory of why they wouldn’t just replace the game would be if the store manager was very concerned about his job record in the loss prevention area, and didn’t want to document the incident as a theft.

    Why would you feel you needed to apologize, and why did you feel you needed to apologize with a police escort?
    (Unless of course that “seemingly irrational behaviour” & “seemed unruly” means that you made some kind of violent scene or threats of physical violence, and needed a police escort in order to trump store security & re-enter the store after having been asked to leave or banned or something.)

    Anyway, if I were you, I would’ve asked to contact the Best Buy district manager as soon as your Mr. Ramsey declined to replace the game, and I would probably never shop at Best Buy again after such an experience of being called a liar and accused of ‘pulling a fast one’ if I wasn’t and didn’t.

    Thanks for the story at any rate. One idea that comes to mind is that it’d be smart to open all packages right in the store at any store. I don’t think Best Buy has cornered the market on in-store-theft. I think this type of thing probably happens at big stores often… Many of the comments here are testimonial to that.

    At any rate, my only experience wasting $50 on a ‘Grand Theft Auto’ game… was the only one I ever bought I wound up giving away free to a friend because the game made me car sick.

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