Buc FlagSo for those that haven’t noticed, there’s been nothing here for almost two weeks (the Bucs post is date-modified). I got World of Warcraft for my birthday, but was unable to do anything with it since I left town for the Thanksgiving holiday. I really didn’t think much of it at the time. Then I got to see it in action on Tom’s laptop that weekend and I couldn’t get home fast enough to install it myself.

Since then, I’m practically ashamed to say, I’ve been living among the Alliance during every spare moment I have, and some that I don’t have. I had played MMORPGs before (Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest), but never really got into them for various reasons. World of Warcraft, on the other hand, is exactly what I’ve been looking for in an online game. Every time I log off, I’m thinking of the things I need to do when I go back in.

Currently, I’ve got a level 26 gnome mage. I’ve cleared Dun Morogh and Loch Modan of quests and am about to finish Westfall. The only things left for me of value in there is the Deadmines quests (VanCleef and Shredder). A few days ago, Tim (28 warrior) and I attempted the Deadmines for the first time with a group and failed pretty miserably. We were lower level then, but still above 22 IIRC. Shredder and his minions took us out pretty handily. I don’t remember why we didn’t go back.

Then last night, Tim, John (27 human paladin) and I went to do it again. John had already completed the quest the night before with another group, but tagged along as our only healer/ressurection specialist. We picked up an 18 mage and an 18 warrior in town to fill the group. We blasted through with very little resistance. We all died once in the circular room just before VC’s ship because we accidentally aggro’ed the mini-boss while still picking off the minions. It was too much to handle at once.

So we all released and ran back then started making our way up the ship. Tim was pulling with his gun and it was working quite well. Then we got to the top and could see VC in the dark room at the top with his two baddie guards. One shot brought them all out and the two warriors and the paladin went right for VC. The 18 mage was standing in front of me so I saw him sheep one of the baddies. I went to sheep another when I saw him raise his arms again to polymorph. All of a suddent, another baddie turned into a sheep – but I didn’t do it. It dawned on me that this guy doesn’t know the basic rule of polymorph – only one baddie may be a sheep at a time. As soon as you polymorph another baddie, the first one comes back immediately and aggros you. So I’m like WTF, dude! I hadn’t yet cast polymorph, so I went ahead and sheeped the original guy he had sheeped (but had come back). Then when he sheeped another guy and the second sheep came back and attacked him. By this time, it was too late. He had three guys aggro’ed on him and I could do little to pull them off since I was out of mana at that point (between fireballing VC and resheeping his baddies). I couldn’t stop the baddies from killing the 18 mage and then I look up and I’m pretty sure our Paladin (rezzer) was dead by VC – he had gotten caught in a corner and couldn’t make it to the edge to jump off. The other guys in the group had concentrated on VC and managed to kill him, but then the three other baddies decimated the rest of us, especially when I was out of mana. With about a third of my life left, I attempted to jump off into the water but got smacked badly twice and died immediately.

Well, that wasn’t all that smart, but we all decided to run back instead of letting our paladin make the run by himself. When we all got back to the top of the ship, we found VC’s body had disappeared and no one had looted his head to complete the quest. Argh! Now we’ll have to do it all over again.
But it really isn’t that big of a deal. We made it all the way to the top and killed VC, so we know what’s involved. We’ll look to get slightly higher level guys and preferable ones that have at least a bit of experience in the Deadmines already. We’ll see how that goes.

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  1. I don’t get into these games as much as some people, but this one is so good that I actually considered buying a whole new computer just so I could play. Right now I only get to play when my husband isn’t playing. I’m still looking into working something out. Who knows? Christmas is in the air!

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