If you have a need for a to-do list manager, check out Ta-da Lists. Thanks to Daring Fireball’s linked list, this gem came to my attention at a time when I was lost in a sea of nothingness, yet overwhelmed with the number of utilities at my disposal.

Up until now, all I really wanted from life was a decent to-do list app.

Long ago, in my search for the perfect app, I started with Chronos’ Personal Organizer (back then it was called… for the love of… memory is failing me). Then I got a Handspring Visor, and hey! Portability! So I used that for a while. Then I switched to Entourage on the Mac when Office 98 came out because the feature set was so much more than the Palm, but I gave up the portability factor. But then I fell out of practice in keeping the Entourage list up to date, and switched back to good ole’ paper lists. Of course, this never works since I get too lazy to create a new list when one gets too cluttered with crossed-off items and such.

Then I started a list format in Word and made it a point to keep it up to date. It worked for a while since for reasons I won’t go into, I was carrying a clipboard around a lot, so it was easy to print out a new list each day before my rounds started.

Then came iCal with OS X. At first, the to-do list functionality was very simple. But for the sheer newness of the whole OS X thing, I was willing to give it a try since my Word lists were just about as useless in terms of reordering things and keeping track of done items was non-existent. I wasn’t terribly excited about iCal, but it was a start and I was willing to go with it. Through different versions of iCal, the functionality has gotten pretty good, especially since it syncs with my Palm Tungsten which goes everywhere with me.

Then along came Polly Ta-da Lists. It would be hard for me to do it enough justice to explain what the hot shit is about Ta-da Lists. Go here and watch the short Quicktime demonstration of someone making and editing a list.

Comment with your thoughts if you’ve tried it. Is it really all that I think it is? or am I just giddy about something new?