Players_2005_ticket_smK and I took our time getting to Jacksonville Saturday morning for the Players Championship. After Friday’s round was cancelled and stricken so that everyone could start fresh under lift, clean and place rules, we figured more than enough golf would be had on Saturday. We got to the parking lots at UNF/FCCJ around 10:30am and while walking to the busses, we saw people walking back to their cars and heard that the course had been closed and they were not shuttling people over there anymore. Apparently it had started storming again, though from where we were, it didn’t look that bad, just a bit overcast. So we got back in the car and drove to the Avenues Mall and shopped for a bit.

After lunch, during which we heard play was resuming at 1:30pm, we headed back to the parking and jumped on a shuttle. They used school busses so it was a bit of a bumpy 20 minute ride to the course. We camped at hole 17 for a bit, saw Adam Scott and others play through. There were a couple of close shots, but nothing really spectacular. After Chris DiMarco played, we followed him up 18. Then we cut across and Tiger had just teed off on 3, so we made our way over there.

Up until this point, I was mildly impressed that the grass had held up to the spectator trampling. It was pretty thick in most places and even though it was lying flat, it provided enough traction to navigate Sawgrass’ hilly and now quite wet walkways. Then we started walking along 3, 4, and 5. I’m not quite sure if it was because ~75% of the spectators were now walking along these holes as Tiger played them or if it was already bad, but the grass along here was practically non-existent which gave way to pure mud. And not just the sticky kind. This was the slippery kind. Walking along a flat area was an exercise in balance and it took every little bit to stay on our feet. I was quite thankful that earlier at the mall I had bought a new pair of sneakers. I needed them after this. To top that all off, Tiger didn’t play all that great. We dropped his group after hole 5 and cut over to 9 where we saw Luke Donald’s group play their second shot.

From here, we cut back over to hole 17 to watch a few more groups play through. Again, nothing of note, though we did see John Daly play the hole and it was quite fantastic to see and hear the crowd go wild as he came to the tee, hit his shot, and walk to the green. No other person that we saw come through got that kind of treatment. It was pretty cool.

At this point, we headed back to catch a bus back to our car. We had no intentions of waiting til the last bus at 7pm. The drive back was uneventful with a stop at Dennys for dinner. Mmmm good.