WoW logoSo it’s been a while. How’ve you been? This will just be a quick update to myself to make a feeble attempt to track my own progress in World of Warcraft. I have two main characters now – Pahonix, a level 60 gnome mage and Fonix, a level 60 night elf rogue. Fonix was created in an effort to help Hotmomma and Ladygodiva level up their own characters, both priests.

Since hitting level 60 with Fonix, though, I haven’t spent much time on that character. Everyone and their grandmother has a rogue and it’s really tough to find groups for end-game instances with one. So, much time has been spent on Pahonix. I’m currently working on getting my set items (Magister’s set) and have 3 of 8 pieces (gloves, belt, and bracers). I’ve run Scholomance a few times, undead Statholme once, lower Blackrock Spire once and upper Blackrock Spire several times. I’m getting pretty comfortable in UBRS and even was raid leader last night.

So a bunch of us from MTD teamed up with FaTE and SECURITY to try to do Onyxia. After about an hour and a half of half-assed organization, we managed to get ~35 people inside the cave. Unfortunately, there were just a few too many overanxious people on the front lines and Onyxia was rushed without too much warning and even though everyone was trying to file into the area, once Onyxia is aggroed, her guardian mobs apparently spawn back in the opening tunnel and were aggroed by those still not into the main area. Even more unfortunate was that the first people attacked by the guardians were priests and mages and they quickly died. A wipe was inevitable. To make things worse, several people quickly left the group citing a previous guild engagement so we were left with nothing to do except try to plan another outing. At least I got to see her, I suppose.

And in the spirit of the updates, I’ll note that MTD has been to Molten Core. A few weeks ago, on our first attempt that I was a part of, we made it to Lucifron and failed to take him down, but were able to kill the two guards. After everyone was rezzed back up, we noticed that the two guards didn’t respawn. We deemed ourselves lucky and engaged Lucifron again, taking him down. We then noticed that after the boss kill, we were not saved into the instance as we should be, meaning it was bugged which explained the no respawns. Not to be discouraged with a gimped boss kill, however, we went back the next day and took Lucifron down the right way.

Moving on to Magmadar is a whole other story. We have tried this boss on two separate occasions now and we have not gotten him below 87%. Strategies are being worked on, but the most important thing now is to get a consistent group of people together. The last couple of tries at MC have been failures because of various things having to do with group makeup and silly mistakes leading to nasty wipes. We have high hopes, though. We have a great guild and will be mowing this instance down soon enough.

That’ll do for now. It’d be nice if I could get these updates in here more frequently. It seems like things happen so quickly – it’s May for chrissakes! It might be time to look at ecto for the PC so I can do this from home.