WoW logoAfter trying to get a UBRS group together last night and failing, I jumped into a pickup raid group that mostly consisted of MTD, FaTE and Avenging Legion for the open area raid boss Azuregos. This wasn’t my first attempt at this boss. A week or so ago I had joined a raid and made my way over there, but it was a mishmash of a raid and I don’t think ever eclipsed 20 members. This time, however, the raid was pretty well organized and even timed so that one warlock and two helpers were camped by Azuregos and when everyone was ready, all other raid members were summoned to him. This was done to try and avoid a horde zerg once they realized that the alliance were forming for this.

For the most part, that strategy worked, but we still had tons of horde very quickly. After a couple of attempts, we finally took him down. During the middle of the fight, we had heard that Ret was over in Orgrimmar, but they swept over to Azshara and stood on the back lines keeping the horde off of us. Many props to Ret for doing this. I think the one drop I was concerned with was the Leggings of Arcane Supremacy, and threw up an 86 on the dice, but someone nailed it with a 94. Ah well. Next time.