Magmadar is deadOn MTD’s gazillionth attempt, we finally took down Magmadar, Molten Core’s second boss. In the past, we seemingly always had trouble keeping the main tank (Sommsy) alive. We even had three dwarf priests once and it didn’t seem to help. We tried many different things over the past couple of weeks, including tanking with a Doomguard!

I think what sealed the deal for us this time was using a tiered healing strategy for the main tank. Group 1 healers had an 80% threshold, Group 2 was at 60%, Group 3 was at 45%, or a setup similar to that. I didn’t hear our exact numbers. Over the course of the fight, we lost maybe 8 people, but were resurrected pretty quickly by an out-of-combat paladin. We had two hunters with the tranquilizing shot who communicated quite well over teamspeak as to their success in hitting each time Mag went frenzy. We also had a script running that would yell out 5-second warnings for the fear so those that were able could run away first.

In the end, as he fell, one of the first thoughts that ran through my head were, “That was *so* easy.” Here’s to hoping Magmadar is now MTD fodder next time so we can move on to the other bosses.