A month of WoW

Wow, I look back at two posts ago and am boasting about how Magmadar was giving us troubles and we finally took him down. How quickly things evolve when you’re not paying attention.

Back on June 20th, The Republic guild was formed by fusing key members of both MTD and The Exiles. This was done in an effort to join hardcore raiding members together to more efficiently work through the Molten Core. All in all, this has been a great success. During our first MC run, we downed all eight bosses. The next week, we went 6 for 8 on Friday night and finished the last two the following Tuesday. This past Friday, we finished all eight bosses on Friday night and spawned Majordomo Executus who pwned us good. As late as it was that night (2:30am server time, we had been there 8 hours), we decided to call it a night and come back refreshed on Tuesday.

Magmadar is deadFinally, after a few wipes where mostly bad luck was involved, we took down Domo and brought up Ragnaros. First off, he’s huge. Seeing him come out was pretty fantastic and I took a bunch of screenshots, as I’m sure a lot of people do when they first see him. Anyhoo, after much strategizing and organization and practicing of techniques, we engaged him for the first time. All I have to say is ouch. That dude hurts. We got him to 82% before our tank died and everything went to hell. The second time was marginally more successful, bringing him down to 79%. The third and successive times were more clusterfucks than anything else. Taking this guy down will require some massive brainstorming and cohesive organization. However, I have no doubt The Republic will be pwning this dude in no time. One of the keys will be getting Domo down on the initial nights so we have a whole separate night to spend working on Rag. This should also clear up time to spend working on Onyxia and Blackwing Lair.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.


  1. lol for starters I’m not in MTD but I do hang out and raid with them dont ask me why but i was searching to learn more about mtd’s history in past games and found this and just had to comment.

    You guys left your good friends to start this so calld “Elite Team” but MTD still kicking your ass after you took their so called “Better Members” they managed to reach and kill domo with less tries than you did and with less people dieing, not to mention they clear 9/10 in one night pretty easily with 3 wipes but only 2 oh which were on Major domo yep you heard it 5 tries and they had the instance down to an art form with amazing speed.

    Oh wait they also got Ragnaros down to 70% on their first ever try without even trying to be organised they just summoned him and attacked him for the hell of it.

    I wont give my name as I dont want to the great people in MTD into any shit. But I’ll say this republic is’nt all it’s cut out to be, your people only log on when it’s time to raid. Give me that family rl friendships guild like mtd any day over a bunch of backstabbing wanna be’s who still cant perform as well as the guild that made them.

    Your leader bolaroth is a total noob, MTD made Bolaroth without MTD he wouldnt have shit or a raid team to start with. HE should be suckling on the MTD officers nuts and thanking them for making him what he is and giving him the power to do what he did even when many people were against it.

    Anyways this is non of my business but those guys in MTD are my friends and I am really concidering leaving my guild to be with them they are excellent stand up guys and their guild rocks imo. I just hope they will allow me to join if i decide to.

  2. What a bunch of childish nonsense. You seem to want to throw around a lot of trash talk, but don’t want to reveal who you are? Go back to the WoW forums and post on your lvl 1 alt – it seems that’s where you belong.

    If you find the courage to reveal your identity, I might think about giving this a proper response.

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