Podcasting seems to be the next big thing (if you don’t already think of it like that). Here’s what I’m currently subscribed to via iTunes:

This Week in Techwww.thisweekintech.com
This is a weekly show from the old Screensavers guys from the TechTV days. It’s hosted by Leo Laporte and he’s joined by Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose along with a rotating cast that includes Roger Chang, John C. Dvorak, Robert Heron, Yoshi DeHerrera, David Prager and others. Most recently, they’ve also been joined by Steve Gibson of grc.com fame.

Another podcast from former Screensavers guys, this time from Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht who were the hosts of The Screensavers after the show was bought by G4 and moved to LA. Then they got canned and needed something else to do. So, this podcast is about digg.com, a “social bookmarking” web site. Basically, you go to digg.com and you can “dig” stories based on your interests. The more popular a link becomes, the more digs it gets. The podcast highlights the most dug stories of the week. Although most stories lean towards technology related news, there are some gems like a giant octopus snaring and eating a shark. Definitely worth checking out.

This is a Kevin Rose and Dan Huard (who was also, you guessed it, a Screensavers alum) creation that is an internet-only TV show which features video of different technology projects. There’s only been three episodes so far, but Kevin promises more smaller content to fill in between the bigger shows.

The Official Tampa Bay Buccaneers Multimedia Networkwww.buccaneers.com
The only non-technology podcast I have in the list at the moment. This features interviews and press conference clips from the Bucs. It’s all training camp, preseason stuff now, of course, but I expect it to continue through the season with post-game interviews and such.

That’s all I’ve got for now. As soon as I straighten my iPod situation up at home – I have this feeling of disorganization and incompleteness as far as that’s concerned – I’ll probably add more and figure out a way to conveniently get them onto my iPod. I mean, I know how to get them on my iPod, I just need to figure out how to make it so that I can remember to do it when the podcasts come out, etc. I think if iTunes weren’t such a frickin RAM hog, I’d have it running more often on my WinXP machine at home. But that’s for another post.